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Media Excentrique was formed in 1999 - under the original name of Growling Clown Entertainment.  In the early days we ran and promoted stand-up comedy shows (under the name 'Funny Bones Comedy') - and worked with such comics as Sarah Millican, Kevin Bridges, Chris Ramsey, Russell Howard, John Bishop, Alan Carr and Jason Manford before they all went on to much bigger things. 

We also produced 'Cabaret Excentrique' - which was a throwback to the old days of vaudeville and music hall entertainment with performers from fields such as burlesque, circus, freakshow, music, comedy and dance - all performing in one show.  The first club night we ran was called "House of the Golden Lotus", and featured freakshow and burlesque performers with a very broad and eclectic range of music - we even had bizarre walkabout characters, and a freakshow tent !!

In 2009 we filmed our first feature film - the comedy horror B-Movie "Zombie Women of Satan" which premiered at the UK's biggest horror film festival 'Frightfest' in 2010, and also created a splash at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival ...

The next three B-Movies we produced were "Zombie Women of Satan 2" (which our worldwide distributor re-named to "Female Zombie Riot"), "Clown Panic" - a spoof documentary about the genuine UK/US clown uprising of October 2016 ... and "Coulrophobia - Terror Trip" (which was compared to the early films of Rob Zombie).  In the last five years we have also had a two part feature length documentary about latex fashion/fetish released, plus another one focussing on all of the strange happenings at Loch Ness.

In late 2
023, our worldwide film distributor will be releasing four more of our documentaries - three of which centre on the paranormal, and the other of which is all about the UK swinging scene.  We have also released a ninety minute documentary about the UK burlesque scene - which is free to view on YouTube .....  

Media Excentrique are also responsible for Newcastle Upon Tyne's monthly 'Grindhouse Rock Night' (which launched in Nov 2014) ... and we also run the three quarterly club nights -  'Rudeness' (ska/rockabilly/punk), 'Loveadelic' (70s disco & funk), and 'Gearbox' (80s goth, new wave, post-punk and indie).

In November 2023 we will be filming our fifth comedy horror B-Movie - "Vampire Nuns" - which is inspired by the American 50s & 60s "nudie cuties" and the British "Carry On" films.

And in the summer of 2024 we will be finally shooting "Zombi
e Women of Satan 3" ....

Trailer below for our horror mov
ie "Coulrophobia : Terror Trip" .....

ZWoS2 front cover.jpg
Clown Panic cover cropped.jpg


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